Ile de Sein is a small island and village a few kilometres west of the Pointe du Raz at the western limit of the Finistere department of Brittany.

The island is only about 2km long, and covers little more than 50 hectares.

The main highlight on the island is the village and port area, which is classified as one of the 'most beautiful villages of France' and is a picturesque village of small, typically whitewashed houses clustered around the port.

The Abri du Marin

It's a small museum in the town which explains the unique lifestyle and challenges of living on the island, both currently and in the past.


The main lighthouse to the west of the island is the Phare Saint-Corentin, rebuilt in the 1940's after the earlier lighthouse here was destroyed in the Second World War (you will perhaps already have noticed the second lighthouse on Ile-de-Sein, which is the Phare de Men Brial in the port area).

The village’s Ecomusée-Musée du Souvenir

It recalls both island traditions and torrid times, for example three occasions in the 19th century when the swelling sea seemed ready to swallow Sein. Traditional fishing has dwindled as stocks have diminished and many islanders have left for work on the mainland.

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