Sail to Molène and Ouessant from the port of Le Conquet.


Allow between 25 and 40 minutes crossing time from Le Conquet to Molène depending on the vessel and/or the weather, as the island lies about 15km from the mainland. During your crossing, you can admire the coastal point of Kermorvan in Le Conquet, and you can make out some of the islands of the Molène Archipelago, such as Beniguet, Quéménès and Trielen.
You might also be lucky enough to see some of the famous grey seals in the Iroise Sea.
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If the boat stops off at Molène, the crossing takes 1 hour 15 minutes.
Allow between 40 minutes and 1 hour for a direct crossing.
Worth knowing: the 9.45am boat from Le Conquet is the same boat that leaves Brest at 8.20am.
Between Molène and Ouessant, your crossing will take you through the famous Fromveur current, which links the Iroise Sea to the English Channel.
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You can also explore the town of Brest from Le Conquet Allow 1 hour for the crossing
During your crossing to Brest Port, you’ll pass by the Pointe Saint-Mathieu with its iconic lighthouse and the ruins of an Abbey that dates back to the 6th century; you’ll also see the Brest Estuary and the Minou lighthouse marking the entrance to the narrow strip of water known as ‘le Goulet’, whose fortifications dating back to the days of military engineer Vauban and WW2. To the south, you can enjoy the landmark called Les Tas de Pois and the Pointe des Espagnols.

BREST > LE CONQUET RETURN TRIP -> 5.60 € per person.

Leaving every day at 8.20am – Return crossing leaves Le Conquet at 6.15pm.
(Other times are possible. Ask for details when you book.)